Wildcrafting in the Yukon
How iS it made?

 Inspired by ancient traditions and methods of extraction, the chosen wild flowers are equipped with a long track record from our ancestors and have uses that go far beyond an effective facial serum. While some products on the market may use time saving and less expensive ingredients, the Wild Flower serum took time, prayer and reverence to be prepared. It is a true testament to sustainability and beauty.


 The Wild Flower Serum begins with combining three high quality oils; rice bran oil, jojoba oil, borage oil in order to maximize their beautifying qualities. This phenomenon is called the power of three or synergy; when three or more ingredient are combined, their shared properties are compounded tenfold.

 To add anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, nourishing, balancing and corrective power to the serum wild flowers are carefully selected. Wild and beautiful, they are found in the Yukon Territory and in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

 All the gathered ingredients are combined, sun bathed and then stored in a cool place to infuse for three months to insure potency and full extraction of quality. We focus on making small handcrafted batches with love. I hope you find this oil infusion as much medicine for your skin, as I did in creating it. 

This oil is lab tested by Labsmart Canada and exceeds Health Canada's standards of quality.