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My favorite oils

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

... Put the coconut down.

Before you light the torches and grab your pitch forks let me tell you, I love coconut oil.

I spent a year of using beauty products I made and bought, strictly from a super market, meaning only raw food grade quality on my skin. If I couldn’t ingest it then it wasn’t for me. I experimented with grape seed oil and olive oils, sesame oil among others, then I discovered coconut oil that year and never turned back. However, since then I feel like coconut oil has become the basic bitch version of beauty and people might be missing out on the most amazing oils known to skin. Baobab, jojoba, rice bran oil and so many more with qualities that surpass the unrefined cold pressed organic staple that we have come to the peak of our fervid adoration for. So here are my top five oils you may want to introduce or reintroduce yourself to and some suggested uses.

Rice Bran Oil: ($$) This is my new favorite best anti aging friend, I recently found it as I was researching for anti aging miracle oils. The magic ingredient in this performing oil is oleic acid, a highly used fatty-acid in mainstream anti aging creams. I just use the food grade oil. I have not been able to track down unrefined in the grocery store however I am just about to purchase it on line. A good mid priced oil for anyone willing to spend a little more while exploring new base oils for their beauty routines. I use it in part with jojoba 80/20, which I will speak to next, as a beautiful facial oil base. It’s a light silky finish with a fast absorption rate. I love it.

Jojoba oil: ($$$) Now this is actually a liquid wax derived from a seed of a shrub. It is an indigenous plant to North America and is the most like our own natural skin secretions. This makes the oil perfect for any use of the body, split ends, scalp to toes also extremely silky and luxurious. I suggest this one for all your beauty needs hands down. Alternatively, it is a great way to add quality to an oil you already use such as rice bran and mix 80/20 or 70/30 to your liking. It is moisturizing and loaded with fatty acid chains for your skins delight its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and a natural preservative. I love this one!

Baobab oil: ($$$) This oil comes from Africa, also a seed oil from what they call “the tree of life” And this oil will deliver! This oil is beautiful, medium to light, silky and is ideal for treating the ends of hair and delicate skin around the eyes. I love to use these light oils on the more delicate “pink” areas of my body, if you don’t forget your silky parts, neither will your love! Have fun!

Grape Seed oil: ($) A really great oil for someone looking for a lasting bottle of base oil on the average budget. Light and scentless, you can add any essential oils and make this the most hard-working moisturizer that is good for sensitive and mature skin. Because it has astringent qualities due to the linoleic acid that is an staple base for a facial oil cleanser, in addition to leaving you clean, it will also tighten pores and support collagen production on a cellular level. What a work horse! If you can believe oil removes oil start an oil cleansing routine today, I do! For a little extra cleanse add sugar to your oil and use it as a body scrub once a week, watch our skin glow!

Last but not least...

Borage oil: ($$$$) This is the most beautiful oil, a little more in every way, not only will it nourish you as a rich skin moisturizer it is loaded with (20% GLA) gamma-linoleic acid which will literally feed you outside in. Your skin will absorb this delicious fatty acid and use it to lubricate cells, regenerate cells, feed cells, support collagen production, you name it. This is my favorite oil to make three oil blends, it is very rich so just 5 -10% in your mixture will go a long way. It has a nutty scent and you won’t be disappointed with its silky feel. One little note about borage oil, if you are suffering from any chronic skin disorders this is the oil for you, eczema, psoriasis and even dry areas due to hormonal conditions, both men and women will benefit greatly! Apply the pure oil to the affected area, ahhhh moisturizing medicine.

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