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Goofy things I learned from extreme spiritual modalities and what I now believe.

I should first introduce myself a bit, I am a Cree woman with a blood line from Saskatchewan and I was raised to believe in First Nations traditional teachings. However, it didn't stop me from trying to explore every other avenue of faith or spiritual systems I came in contact with my whole life. Nevertheless, I knew about Mother Earth before I forced my bio-mother to send me to bible camp with my neighbor and best friend. I think I was eight. Just for a little bit of fun and so you get a little insight on who I am before reading this six minute article, I want share my favorite bible camp story.

In bible camp, the most boring part of bible camp is the one hour bible study. In this third day of camp I had listen to this book and its readings, I couldn't figure where all the women were? I had asked why there was no woman in their book? The father, ok check. The son, ok check. Where is the mother I asked? My very handsome, blond, blue eyed camp leader said to me that it was a myth. I was horrified, I explained to him that I wasn't talking about Mother Goose. I had a read that book and I was sure now that he was confused. No, I meant Mother Earth, where all life springs, where that boy, the son that you are talking about came from. You know, The Mother.

I was shut down. A couple hours later I started a fist fight in the lunch line up. I never went back to bible camp.

Since then,

I have studied three distinct spiritual systems that were pretty extreme in their teachings. Damn near religious. I have a curiosity that leads me to funny places. Luckily I am never without my trusty rebellious nature and find my way back to doing everything my own way. For your entertainment, should you care to read, I have left you a brief summary in three modalities that I have studied. Followed by what I now think to be the truth, for me.

Falun gong.

Tolerance, Forbearance, Compassion

This is a system that does not believe in a God. It gives that credit to the universe and a strict set of rules in alignment with karma. Strictly obeying rules even as simple as not taking a handicap parking space so as to not lose in another area of your own life. There are spiritual consequences for such things, such as not advancing as a practitioner. Everything outside of the daily order has a spiritual cost.

They speak of super powers. Yup. If you obey and study hard enough you can develop super powers. That’s why we saw men light themselves on fire on T.V in protest. Perhaps their study helped them control their sensation of pain, one can hope, I know I did. Perhaps they thought it could display this miracle to the government and help lift the ban, as this spiritual modality was outlawed in China. RIP.


The most famous manifesto of this spiritual modality: The Secret. The book and the movie.

Now first I have to admit I never did go to Landmark, but I studied "the secret" for several years and basically to summarize very simply; it is taking quantum physics applying it to psychology and that = the mind is the universe. Applying this to how our emotions, in alignment with our thoughts, combined with a deep desire can attract and manifest our experience in this physical world. I think alignment is the key word here but I digress.

I am not saying I am opposed to this miracle but the practice of manifestation is not as simple as they make it sound. It requires commitment, which also manifests as goal setting, mentor ship and alignment with like minded individuals, systems and cultures. This might look like, oh I don’t know, working towards your goals? Lol

Also this modality has manifested a new favored meme: Maybe you manifested it or maybe it’s white privilege. Be careful for spiritual assholes that tell you can “do it” or “try harder” or worse “desire it more” while their bank account has never been in the red or their parents co-sign for their houses. Manifestation requires a deep commitment on the ground. Lots of work and fails come with such work. I would also like to add, depending on the magnitude of your dream a lot of self care is required to make this magic happen. So take breaks, re asses your goals when you need it, get a massage and don’t let bastards get you down.

Psychology of vision.

Now this one was my favorite. I stayed in it the longest.

A spiritual modality based on a course of miracles. A model that created a emotional mapping system that allowed you to identify what you were feeling at the time and it’s antidote. For example: guilt requires acceptance. Independence requires inclusion, etc. Pretty brilliant actually and emotional intelligence was stressed a lot. It had its basis in psychology 101 but...

The foundation of this one was: Relationships, Leadership, Spirituality. The problem with this relationship focus training is that it was the base of all coaching. The focus was around all relationships and people were responsible for everything, even the behavior of those around them. It was called 100% accountability. It also made people (aka:me) obsess about having a relationship, if you are not in one this can be a powerful carrot. If you were slightly inclined to obsess about being in one or having a perfect one, it kept you on a hamster wheel of correction. Then there would need to seek another workshop to work through the next relationship hurdle till relating to anyone else out side of the community you studied with was almost impossible. Whoops.

Now I have a gift to not be attached to anything for very long after I have decided to let it go. Its a gift or a curse, who knows, but in all of these cases I did what Kokum (Grandma) told me to do, I just took the cream off the top and left the rest.

Falun Gong, the movement and energetic understanding of Qi Gong is an amazing physical practice. I don’t know about super powers but it can heal the body and mind deeply. Deep correction when you are willing to change. Reminder: change requires willingness but also work. “Before enlightenment chop wood, haul water. After enlightenment chop wood, haul water.”

The Secret, this is a good foundation to initiate change in my life I am just prepared to work for what I hope to manifest. Don’t forget, we are in the slow three dimensional world. The rocks have taught us, time and pressure creates change. That’s it.

POV, it gave me some amazing foundations for understanding myself and the world around me. Also gave me a brilliant relationship with my children that may never have happened with out it. Emotional intelligence is brilliant to study but to just know it verses walking through conflict in relationships in real time are two very very different experience. I suggest the latter. Get out there and live.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly why I felt the need to find all the spiritual extremes that I could. The short answer, I’m obsessed with mastery and perfection.

In conclusion, what I believe to be true, what has helped me over the long term and the only thing that has ever had me in every aspect without question is Mother Earth. Her lessons leave me without the ability to reason, negotiate or deny. There is nothing to argue or discover. In every lesson the point is clear, the message is succinct. Natural law does not lie or finesse for an individual, a special gift. What is revealed is for everyone. What is available is abundant and is for us all. For every ailment an antidote, for every need a remedy. She feeds the spirit, the mind, the heart and the body.

The consequences can been seen when out of alignment with natural law. There are existential consequences I am sure but the clarity of cause and effect can be seen. It’s a physical manifestation. It is not lost to the seer. It can’t be. Unless the seer simply does not care and still, at that point, it requires denial. I believe there is no way an individual can not feel uncomfortable when out of alignment with natural law, especially in relationships. For every action a reaction, in the simplest way this is karma. However, the mother removes the ladder the word karma often implies. The consequence is in the here and now. No hierarchy, no magic or super powers. Just live with the consequences or correct it.

It is clear when faced with someone or people that were never introduced to the majesty of the land and her lessons. For example, if you want to be warm in the forest you make yourself a fire and quickly, you can't simply blame or complain. You know, that kind of stuff. In the city it is possible to miss those kind of character shaping lessons in the world we live in. Some have lived their life and have never met the land and her firm but fair laws. Some have never had a moment on a path, near a tree or on a mountain and could only hear her voice, whispering. This is a terrible shame. For those without this spiritual experience and opening, are truly poor.

That’s what I think.


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