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Face Mapping: Skin Talks

One of the ways our bodies speak to us is through our skin. Not only does your skin breath, digest and drink, it literally talks.

Actually, our bodies usually have said many things to us before getting to the point where our skin is giving us signs of trouble. However, it is the most efficient method because I don’t know about you but nothing gets me concerned about my heath more than blemishes or pimples on my face! As some may know, I am a "take control of my health" kinda girl, a long-time esthetician and lover of all things wellness. Throughout my studies over the years, I have found holistic ways to aid my skin and now I will pass this knowledge to you.

I made this map of the face, in it you will find reference to problematic areas that reflect deeper health concerns. You can use this map to track and support your long term health over a lifetime. This map will alert you to make some powerful changes to your daily self care routines for clear and beautiful skin. Go ahead and view the facial map I made to see if your skin is signaling where you can strengthen your over all health starting today! I will break down all the facial sections and make suggestions along the way! Ready?

Upper part of face:

Forehead, Small Intestine: This area is where you may have seen many tiny bumps that have no real business being there. You exfoliate but they never seem to really go away. This may be an indication that your small intestine is not functioning properly and may need some support. I suggest digestive enzymes with HCI with every meal.

Digestive enzymes add much needed help to break down foods and aid in nutrient absorption but add HCI (Hydrochloride acid) better yet. HCI creates a sterile environment in the stomach and upper duodenum and this is great news. The result is less bloating and gas, reduces heartburn and alleviates inflammation. The lack of enzymes and proper PH in the stomach acid causes food to pass with out being digested, this leads to serious long term problems and bacteria will flourish. So, adding enzymes to your diet will keep this problem in check and keep you well nourishes so your food literally does not go to waste!

Note: There are several different types and quality of digestive enzymes and to go through them all is another blog all together! Just to get you started I suggest renew life digest more. It is a credible and moderately priced. I started with this brand and I still use it in my rotation.

Middle part of face:

Temple area, Gall bladder and Liver: You may have some bumps and deep pustules and you may feel like your oily hair line might be the reason to blame. There is a good chance it is not. This is something that can be supported again with digestive aids but this time I suggest bile salts, another type of digestive support but with a different digestive role. The liver and gallbladder secrete bile, lovely no? It’s the substance that creates a slip and slide for our elimination process and more importantly an additional aid in the breaking down of fats and nutrient absorption for fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. Now your liver and gall bladder may be sluggish in this department and in order to keep you in the flow and toxins moving out, bile salts will help a great deal. I use trophic bile salts to keep my liver happy and toxin free. Another suggestion is to drink apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp in 8 oz of water) as a tonic, this will thin the bile stored in the gallbladder. Alternatively, lemon in water will stimulate bile production. One last suggestion is to avoid drinking water or any liquids with meals, I suggest waiting 30 - 45 minutes after each meal to prevent diluting stomach acidity. High acidity which will signal the proper processing from the liver and gallbladder.

Between the brows, Liver: Now this spot is right in the middle of your face, how annoying! If you are having problems here your liver is saying hello, again! If your liver is congested and hopefully not, but if it is fatty and needs help to function properly I suggest taking lipotropic factors; choline, inositol, betaine, folic acid and vitamin B complex. These act as emulsifiers and make sure to break down fatty deposits in the liver and moves toxins through to help the liver function better over all. Many multi-vitamins have all these things put together now. Do some checking and be sure not to buy all of them separately as it can get expensive. Important side note, take your time introducing the choline and inositol as they are very effective and as a result can cause a wee bit of gas. I cut my dose in half when I first began and I would completely avoid on date night! You’re welcome.

Eye area, Kidney and elimination problems: Now this is serious problem for some and not always easy to change. There is a reason that eye cream is a billion dollar industry and I don’t assume to have patents of such inventions. Sometimes the discoloration under the eye is hereditary or pigmentation around the eye area is due to hormonal issues such as pregnancy mask. However, here are some suggestions I have for some mild conditions surrounding the eyes, from my training and knowledge I have gathered along the way. Blood shot eyes, can be due to a deficiency in B vitamins specifically B6 (pyridoxine) and Riboflavin. Take Vitamin A and B complex. Dark circles around the eyes, if its is not hereditary, can come from systemic disorders, kidneys and liver should be your health focus. Adrenal support can be of use here such as adaptogen herbs and B vitamin complexes and vitamin D combined with high doses of vitamin C.

Puffiness is due to water retention, you should be concerned with the bladder and elimination problems. I have a few suggestions for this one; a sitz bath in juniper essential oil as it is a natural diuretic (bath 1 x week for 10-15 mins max). Now the second suggestion for water retention takes a bit more explaining. Stay with me here, do you remember push top pop cans?

If not, have you ever opened a can of condensed cream with a can opener? Ever notice that it takes two holes to release the liquid from the can? Well your body is very much like that but in order to open up the water retention it does not require another hole in the head. It needs heat. Ok, I will explain it another way, have you ever been drinking tea or sipping soup and find your temperature rising in the skin and around your t zone in particular? Imagine this, you are sipping your soup and feel a little bit of perspiration begin to escape your pores over your forehead, nose and cheeks,. Has this ever happened to you? Its more than being flushed with heat, that experience is your metaphorical second tab opening and this is how you can naturally relieve water retention in your body. Yay tea time and once a week Pho soup dates!

Cheeks, Stomach: If you have issues with you stomach there may be some controversial suggestions here. For example, if you suffer from heartburn you may be treating this with suppressants and antacids. I would suggest you do the opposite and start taking enzymes and HCI to change the PH in the stomach and support digestion. The reasoning for this; it is popular belief that bacteria is causing the lower esophagus sphincter to open by pressure of inflammation not that there is too much acidity but that there is not enough.

The PH balance of our bodies should be as follows; when actively digesting your stomach acid should be at a hot PH of 2 to kill any bacteria and trigger the pancreatic enzymes and the gallbladder for bile production. As you digest and process, your meal will arrive in the colon to a cool PH of 8 where bacteria can then flourish and help assimilate for the benefit of all. Start with your best foot forward, start hot and with fire in the belly. Try an enzyme with HCI to initiate this healthy environment.

Lower Part of the face:

Cheeks, Large Intestine: The colon is home to millions and millions of bacteria. Now these bacteria can be your best friends as they break down foods, assist in absorption of nutrients and allow waste to pass. However, many problems arise when the bacterial balance is off and will result with reduced daily movements. A healthy colon should move at least two to three times a day. Bodies taking medications, birth control, or experiencing a lack of simple fibers from fruits and vegetables, and reduced water intake can experience problems. Simple solutions include; more water, more helpful bacteria and more exercise! The large intestine is a muscle, so simple physical exercises like walking, hiking and biking will continue to support the digestion in the most direct way. Probiotics are pretty much the best well-known supplement for bacteria balance but in addition simple fiber feeds the healthy bacteria and will help colonize. For a further advantage, reduce sugars and take in more nutrient dense foods like pumpkin seeds, nuts and veggies and add fiber like hemp seeds, chia seeds and coconut flakes to your salads and smoothies.

Note: It is important to purchase 5- 10 billion capsule of probiotics to start and build a tolerance from there. After each bottle consumed you can raise the count of helpful bacterial soldiers. These wonderful additions to a healthy diet can cause digestive disturbances and be uncomfortable when beginning to introduce them to the colon. A common mistake is starting at a high bacterial count resulting in gas and several trips to the bathroom.

Cheeks, Sagging skin: If you have ever been to yoga you have been taught that deep breathing and drawing oxygen to the body is clearly important. WE need oxygen and we need to breath but have you ever stopped mid day and ask yourself if you are actually breathing? I have. Life is stressful and fast paced, this often results in dissociation from our bodies as we bear down to get stuff done. If you are experiencing sagging skin then your skin is saying, no more hustle, stop and breathe! First things first, if you are smoking this cannot be corrected until you stop. Cigarettes are inhaled through the lungs as is oxygen, hence sagging skin, as well as loss of elasticity and collagen. A simple and obvious way to do add oxygen to your body is to exercise. It doesn’t need to be excessive but it does need to be consistent to be effective, so start with something simple and something you like! Add one activity a week on top of what you are currently doing, bonus points if it is an activity outside and preferably away from traffic. Another wonderful aid is iron, your diet can seriously impact your oxygen levels so eat iron rich foods and if you suspect you are low iron get tested and begin supplements, especially for women. Men not so much unless it is an anemic condition as too much iron can also cause problems. Some iron rich foods are, shellfish, spinach, legumes, liver meat, pumpkin seeds and algae super foods such as chlorella and spirulina.

Chin, Gynecological problems: This is a tough one as ladies have reason to break out monthly! Never the less here I go with some support in this areas for us! I am sure you have a few tricks up the sleeve to combat health issues (leave me some suggestions in the comments!) but here are some of my current go to's for support. I have recently gone to a naturopath and I recommend it! Even if you are a maven in your health like me, he gave me some clarity in some areas and reaffirmed others. As for my personal hormonal issues, I am high estrogen. That may seem like great news for this lady over 35 but in this case it's not so good as that drops my testosterone and causes dramatic mood swings from day to day. The natropath suggested taking Estrosmart by Lorna Vanderheaghe, a Canadian company as it turns out. I definitely am the better for it! If you are not high estrogen and don’t feel safe taking something possibly not designed for you, I have some other natural suggestions. Chaste berry has been used for many women for pre and post menopause, this can be found as a tincture or in pill form. I love tumeric! I suggest finding a high concentrate curcumin pill for your over all health and hormonal balance.

Under the chin, Lower intestine: Can you find sneaky pustules under your chin along the jaw line? You may be suffering from a condition that has grown a lot of attention lately called "leaky gut syndrome" . Leaky gut is medically unrecognized but it does have credibility among natural health practitioners and especially nutritionists. To support a healthy gut and correct and protect against leaky gut I suggest the new super food bone broth or a powdered collagen supplement. This will help form connective tissue and serve to seal and heal your digestive system. Another powerful combination for this condition is probiotics, digestive enzymes and DCL (deglycyrrhized licorice) to support and protect the digestive track. To keep the balance in the lower intestine it is advised to avoid sugars drink your recommended amount of water daily and eat plenty of healthy fiber to promote a positive environment for the healthy bacteria in the gut.

In conclusion, the need to eat well, to take a food grade multi-vitamin, hydrate and exercise. To nourish in order support proper elimination and reduce our toxic load cannot be stressed enough.

Well that is a good start toward your over all health and beautiful skin! I hope this helped you and inspired you to do more self-care and nourish your beautiful bodies because you deserve it! Let me know what steps you take to keep yourself glowing from the inside out!

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