Making Facial Serum
What'S inSide?

The Wild Flower Serum was crafted in small batch with meticulous care and lab tested.


Rice Bran Oil (63%)

Loaded with oleic acid, this fatty acid is found to help slow aging and reduce premature wrinkles and fine lines.


Jojoba Oil (30%)

Dense with nutrients (Omega 9, Vit E, B) it is anti microbial, anti aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing without a greasy effect.


Borage oil (7%)

with the highest gamma-linoleic acid, this oil not only moisturize skin, it is deeply nourishing , is an anti oxidant for repair and aids in cell regeneration.


Fireweed Botanical (50%)

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing with 99 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams this flower heals, feeds and corrects.


Yarrow Botanical (32%)

This flower has been used for centuries as a beauty ally since before our great great grandmothers. It is cleansing, moisturizing and calming.


Rose Botanical (13%)

Healing and moisturizing this flower is the matriarch of the forest with powerful qualities to beautify, nourish, rejuvenate and moisturize all skin types, of all ages. However, she is a powerful friend to mature skin.


Labrador Tea Botanical (5%)

This flowering shrub was added intuitively as it is a nutrient dense traditional medicine. Further studies show it has an active fatty acid called ursolic acid, similarly found in apples. It is anti carcinogenic, antimicrobial and is used in many traditional medicines. (Note: Topical preparations containing ursolic acid have been patented in Japan for prevention of skin cancer.)