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More about the owner

I am Nehiyaw Iskwew (translation: a Cree woman) from Saskatchewan, Canada. 

I am also a proud mother of two.

While also being the ultimate colonial Canadian mix, and carrying the traces of French, Welsh, Scott and Irish backgrounds; I am an Indigenous woman.


 My ancestors found themselves resigned to Kawacatoose reserve in Saskatchewan (Treaty 4).

The Nehiyaw (the Cree) originally travelled all across turtle island, as powerful trappers and are still known to this day as the biggest traders of the prairies.

 My mother found it necessary to remove me from Regina, Sask when I was 6 years old and I was instead raised in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. I have been honored with a deep reverence for Mother Earth and a young life well versed in traditional protocol and ceremony.

As a young adult I traded it all in for puff and lace of the city, and left to study aesthetics and hairdressing in Vancouver, British Columbia. I originally focused on image only; hair, skin, nails.. but as I worked more and more with people in the chair, it naturally evolved into wellness coaching. Moreover, as I worked more with people in aesthetics and on a massage table, it turned into energy work and exceeded body work. I have been in British Columbia working with beauty, health and wellness for over 18 years now.

 What makes my services and products different and what makes me unique is my fondness of natural beauty. I believe that what comes naturally to you is the most beautiful and my work reflects this. I seek the softest and simplest form of beauty in an individual or in a product for the maximum results.

 I will never forget the simple lessons of the north like how to chop six cords of wood to stay warm for the winter. The land teaches a clarity that few in the cities learn.

Living on the land teaches us a way to respond and live with gratitude and understanding, that all living things give something of themselves in order to thrive. I also strongly believe that accountability with a healthy dose of humor is what makes a whole and spiritual human being.


 I plan on living a full life and I will walk lightly.

 ᒥᓇᐦᔭᐧᐃᐣ Minahyawin. I will walk in beauty.


 Our impact on the natural world is great, too great to be secondary. We can and should consider our small singular impact, daily. With that said I choose to measure my impact, I chose to walk consciously and I choose to share a way that you can too. With gratitude and thanks to the ancient territories of 

Carcross and Tagish

Kwanlin Dun

Ta'an Kwach'an




Little Salmon and Carmacks

White River

Ross River

Vuntut Gwitch'in

Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in


Nacho Nyak Dun


Tetlit Gwich'in




  Before Time Immemorial