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"Ancestral Land, Ancient Beauty, young tradition" -VBR

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Minahyawin ᒥᓇᐦᔭᐧᐃᐣ

The value statement is one word in the Cree language.

Minahyawin (Mi/Na/H/Ya/w/I/n), translated it means to walk in beauty.


To truly walk in beauty there is more to it than just how we look. It is how we carry ourselves and how we treat others. The meaning of minahyawin, speaks of how we are carrying ourselves, and how we treat others. As we journey some of us will start to understand that this beautiful earth has been given to us in trust and there is need for understanding the symbiotic relationship with the plants and animals around us. We are in a relationship with everything. The most important relationship we have is to our planet, the earth. How we treat our home, our mother earth, is a deep reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Sustainable beauty is attainable, in our daily lives and in our world.

The planet needs more people in love with the simplest of things.

Minimal ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and small batch precision is the way I give back to the planet, honor my gifts and pay it forward for my children's children.

To me, this is how we can continue to walk in beauty.


I grew up learning traditional practices and ceremonies. I am Nehiyaw Iskwew (translation: a Cree woman) from Saskatchewan, Canada.

I first learned to pick plants for traditional medicine with my aunt and mother at  very young age.

Some of my earliest memories are of picking sweet grass, and the sound it makes in the wind.

As a young woman, I wanted to define myself outside of my family culture, so as soon as I could I traded it all in for puff and lace in the city. I studied Hairdressing and Esthetics and have been in the beauty industry for 18 years.

(More about this on the About The Owner page.)

As I grew older and wiser to my true nature I further studied body work and energy healing. Emotional wellness and mental health went hand in hand and I continued on what they often call a "healing journey" which to my knowledge does not end. 

So here I am creating a product that holds all my past and future potential. These products are a true culmination of my life with all my knowledge of physical beauty and spiritual beauty. 

I pray it feeds you, inside and out.